Start 2018 Right.

Start 2018 Right.

Every year we make these crazy New Years Resolutions. But do we ever reach them? 

Don't just reach your goals, exceed them with an Aqua Training Bag and give your repetitive workout an innovation overhaul that will make reaching your goals a reality. Available in a variety of sizes to suit everybody's training needs and finished in bold, striking designs it'll be impossible to take your eyes off the prize. 

2018 is the year to take care of yourself and whilst it's obvious that Boxing, MMA and sparring are incredibly effective forms of exercise, the Aqua Bag does more than just keep you fit and toned. This water-filled punchbag actually minimises the impact on your joints when hit, helping to protect you from short and long term injury.

And if this isn't enough, you can grab yourself 15% off any bag when you use the code 'PUNCH2018' at checkout. Valid until 31st January.

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